July 20th, 2005


Tee shirt pondering proceeds slowly.

I'm weighing local vs. webcomic-friendly print shops. Looks like the latest strip, of Godzilla, would be a good seller. I'd like to offer that one, maybe the "They loved happily ever after, in that one photo" and a plain "I am a Sinister Bedfellow" version.

I'm afraid the shading in the gargoyle ones might not print well.

Phil, if I manage to get this done in time, I'll ship a box to you for Otakon. Biscuit Press can get a cut.

What is the going rate for a 4-color Tee at a con? The white on black slogan ones will be cheaper.

Someday, I will do a "Smells like Learning" shirt...

I think this is accurate...

Copy your friends list and bold the ones you have met in real life, and italicize the ones you have only talked with on the phone. Anybody you have only spoken to online, do nothing to their names. If any of your friends has multiple journals, list only one.

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