July 17th, 2005


Larry & Jason

jason0x21 hung out at Trinoc*coN with me, which was great as the Webcomic panelists tended to outnumber the audience by a factor of at least 10. Jason has always been a great heckler, so this was fun.

Heading back today, dropping la_sherazade off at the Durham Arts Council/Guild and meeting my friend Kat at the Con.

Larry & Jason
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It was a good day.

Slept late, drove into Durham for the last afternoon of Trinoc*coN.
la_sherazade went to the Arts Council while I did my panel discussion (very good conversation, ten panelists, three people in the audience).

Got to hang out with my wonderful old friend, Kat. After Trinoc*coN we went to Elmo’s Diner for some food and Kat returned copies of all the Gregory comics that I loaned her 15 years ago. It seems she has been searching for replacements for years and got these on eBay recently.

Now we are home, I’m relaxing between house cleaning assignments from Jess. Will be removing carpet and vacuuming soon.

The piano is still here, but arrangements are being made.

How was your weekend?