July 12th, 2005


My schedule this weekend

Friday I have to try to get off work early enough that I can shower, change and take la_sherazade to Durham for the Trinoc*Con Webcomic Dinner.

Saturday morning I hope to meet with my cousin Matt and move his piano out of my house. He is getting ready to head back to the Middle East with the Air Force and I don’t want to store it for another tour.

Then it’s off to Durham to drop Jess off at Duke and meet jason0x21 at Trinoc*Con. I’m on the Stripping for Syndication panel from 3-4 pm and the Webcomic Summit from 5-7 pm. (Hoping to chat with ursulav and a few others). Then I’ll pick up Jess in time to watch the costume contest and then the dance.

Sunday, I’m on the Art+Lit=Comics panel from 2-3 pm. Hopefully my old friend Kat will be there for a visit as well.

If you are there and don’t know me IRL, I’ll be the one in the kilt (mckenzie plaid).