June 13th, 2005


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Since I’ve gained a few new friends recently, I think I should offer a recap.

My GF, la_sherazade, and I, as well as our two cats, have returned from a year living penniless in Paris to restore my parents’ depression era house in North Carolina. For the time being, we are staying at their new house. Before Paris, I lived in California.

I am currently working as a coax repair technician. I do custom install work for Time-Warner among others. This month, I am installing new cables into a section 8 housing neighborhood.

In the past, I have managed a photo lab, worked as a photographer and videographer, been a mime, worked on a fire extinguisher assembly line, DJ’d at a skating rink...

I also make Sinister Bedfellows and write occasionally. You can search my ‘memories’ for some writing samples.

I’m also 36, childless and divorced.

Any questions?