June 10th, 2005


A View to a Kill 2... The Carcass

OK, this week is over, only two or three more like it to go.

If you are keeping track, I worked two 13 hour days, two 9 hour days and one 5 hour day, mostly crawling through three decade old insulation in the projects. Yesterday I drank a gallon of gatorade, three bottles of water, and I only peed once.

In the afternoons, I have helped Dad with plumbing, worked on the new (old) house and done some yard work.

Tomorrow, the whole family gets up at 6:30 to load a trailer of junk and head to the dump by 11 am. Sunday I think I can sleep.

Today, la_sherazade and I saw a vulture (buzzard perhaps?) snacking on the side of the road. Here is the best shot I got before scaring it off.


Also, changes are pending for SinBed.