June 1st, 2005


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Look, I’m in another media source!

The second issue of MungBeing Magazine, the only “hot potato” magazine
on the internet, has hit the cyberstands! (http://www.mungbeing.com)
It is now even more delicious with 70+ tantalizing pages of writing, art
and music! That’s over TWICE the material than before!

This bi-month, MungBeing is focusing on Outsider Art and Stuckism, two
movements that are really causing a stir. And with good cause, as is
demonstrated by Stuckist founders Charles Thomson, Billy Childish, Ella
Guru, and Joe Machine, and driven further home by a selection of VERY
talented Stuckist painters from around the world. Our Outsider insider
overheard a conversation with Gus Fink so that story is presented here,
too. There’s also Outsider artwork from Kelly Moore, Liz Parkinson, Ian
Pyper and artists SO outside they don’t even WANNA come in. How Childish.
The written works of the talented MungBeing collective continues to
shine with thematic pieces from Kevin Ausmus, Michael O’Briant, Jeb
Ebben, Rik Albatros, starchy, Robert Dayton, Mark Teppo... the list goes
on. And the comics section glows with beautiful work from Julian
Lawrence, mckenzee, Suzanne Baumann, and Harold Penis.
Musically, there’s an excursion into the delightful world of Outsider
Music, a world that includes Joe Meek and R. Stevie Moore, with Comfort
Stand Records (www.comfortstand.com) and your host Otis Fodder. There’s
also an EXCLUSIVE TRACK and a conversation with the incomparable Naomi Hall.
And there’s a recipe for LGBT Casserole.

WOW! We’re pulling from a WELL STOCKED BeingPool here!

Stuckism and Outsider Art. Two great tastes that fit together like
inverted handmaidens at a baby shower. Only twice as wet!

Don’t forget to check out our forums where you can interact with
MungBeing readers and contributors. Everybody knows something else.

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative
Commons license and released by the spring-loaded action of the Magaload
Questions and inquiries may be directed to inquiries@mungbeing.com
And watch for the MungBeing ad in FOUND magazine - on newstands in July.

Thanks for playing,
Mark and jodymeme
MungBeing Magazine