May 24th, 2005


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Got sent home early from work.

Seems I finished things too soon and there wasn’t time to start anything else. However, I can’t seem to sleep yet.

Emailed Randy about a typo on Something Positive. Despite his curmudgeonly reputation, he is always gracious in his replies.

I think I have finally scrapped up enough cash to get la_sherazade and the cats home, which is good, since they fly Thursday. I’ll be taking Friday and Monday off to help acclimate them to North Carolina.

I promise, I’ll be more interesting once they are here. More photos too!
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Clipped from The Telegraph Obits, the greatest obits in the world, for starchy:


Alfredo Rastelli, who has died aged 83, was one of the best-known musical clowns in the sawdust ring; during a career spanning seven decades he appeared in variety, pantomime and ice shows, as well as in circuses across the world.

Young Alfredo was initiated into clowning in boyhood and made his debut with his father’s act in Germany in 1928 when he was only four. He later joined the trampoline act.

Alfredo Rastelli was an exceptionally talented musician; he had a solo act in which he played 22 instruments in one sitting, and as part of the family’s best-known clown act, Chocolate and Company, he would play two trumpets simultaneously in perfect harmony while accompanying himself on drums.

In 2000, at the International Circus Festival in Monaco, Prince Rainier awarded Rastelli a citation in recognition of his career. Two years later Rastelli won the Golden Clown award in Copenhagen.

Rastelli, who died on May 1, is survived by his sons.