May 23rd, 2005


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This morning Paul and I installed interduct (flexible orange conduit) into a couple of school media centers, to pull fiber optics through later.

Then we got a trouble call out to a hotel-turned-assisted-living center that we had hooked up about a month ago. They had gotten thier first client and of course her TV reception was fuzzy.

We went out and started trouble shooting. We tracked the coax cable from her room down to the new kitchen (it comes out directly about the new stove hood) and into the women's room. There it was split off with three other cables from a line coming through the laundry room. We replaced the line up to the room, the splitter and all the endings on the coax.

Still fuzzy.

We replaced the line going above the drop ceiling through the laundry room, the electrical closet and into the exterior maintanance closet (which no one had a key to, but I opened it with a... never mind. I opened it).

Still fuzzy.

We adjusted the gain on the 30db amp, switched lines around on the secondary amps and BINGO, clear and sharp basic cable.

Here's the interesting part. Mrs. Bunn is the only inhabitant in this four story, forty-five room center. She has round the clock medical attention, a personal chef, an office staff and a janitorial staff. She seems alert and active (with a walker). Until she got the cable and phone working today, she spent all day staring at the trees out the window. She also sleeps twelve hours a day, so the night nurse has nothing at all to do.

I need to fictionalize this someday.

Jess returns Thursday!!!