May 22nd, 2005


Usage may vary...

Slough: I like this word. It has two distinct pronunciations, either of which can be a noun or a verb. I commonly use the verb that rhymes with tough and the noun that rhymes with through.

I was a precocious reader. For years, because I had never heard anyone actually say this word, I pronounced it as ‘slow’. This pronunciation is actually a suburb of London, pop. 103,454.EDIT: I stand corrected, the suburb is pronounced to rhyme with plough (plow).

The slough was tough to plough through. I love English!

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la_sherazade will be home Thursday. The house is not ready, but I am so ready to have her back.

I have painting, cleaning and cat-proofing to get done and I’m exhausted. But I can’t wait.

We have two twin beds, the frame for a full-sized bed and she just found a cheap king-sized waterbed (which I’m afraid will crash through the floor, so I need to do some reinforcing before we can fill it).

I need to plow the garden, paint the office, move furniture, hook the fridge back up, get the phone-cable-internet hooked up, install AC upstairs... and that’s just what I need to finish this week.


Also, she’s bringing the cats :)