May 19th, 2005


(no subject)

1. I got some money. Jess and both cats will make it home now.

2. I worked 14 hours today. Rewired 3 houses, prewired two houses. Strained my shoulders climbing into an unfinished attic while carrying a huge drill.

3. When I got back to the shop, someone had locked the gate with my vehicle inside. So, I had to drive my partner home, then drive his truck. Now I have to go to work in the morning early enough to pick him and his 3 year old son up and take the kid to preschool. I might get 6 hours of sleep.

4. My overtime for the week started around the time I should have gone to lunch today. I actually went to lunch about 7:30 pm.

5. I’m filthy and exhausted, again. I will be eating, bathing and sleeping very soon.

6. I’m really not sure why I’m numbering these.

7. I got rained on.

8. My sister gave me an “I didn’t do it” monkey shirt today. So, there was a happy ending.

9. This is just here so I can end on an even number...

10. Good Night!
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