May 14th, 2005


Another fun filled Saturday!

I have fixed a loose cable on the van (just needed some tiewraps, or as the French say, zippies). Now Dad and I are troubleshooting the weedeater and chainsaw. We think they just need new sparkplugs, so they should be up and running soon. EDIT: nope... no engines purring yet...

Then I get to go prune the appletree (at least enough so that I can mow under it), install an airconditioner in the attic and maybe start painting la_sherazade’s office.

Currently reading Dragon’s Lair. Penman writes interesting light medieval mysteries that tie into the timeperiod that my neglected inspiration, Hugo de Morville inhabited. I keep reading her stuff, thinking that it will push me to finish my biography of Hugo. Nothing yet...
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Thanks to metaquotes, I have found the wisdom of dead_cthulhu:

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. One day Cthulhu will find that link.

You know you need a new fiend on your f’list.
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