May 8th, 2005


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The following is domestic and rambling, feel free to skip to the next post:

It was a pretty good Mother’s Day. I went to church with my parents and got to hold my new baby cousin.

Well, she’s actually my cousin’s granddaughter, so I guess that makes her my third cousin (or first cousin-twice-removed?). ANYWAY, Emma is a beautiful little two week old little pink football-sized child.

Then we went out to a Japanese steakhouse for lunch. After lunch, Jess called and said she had found some free fabric and an old bedframe. Dad and I ran out and picked it up, then I went back to the house and trimmed some tree limbs and cut down a lot of maple suckers and other scrubs.

The yard should turn out really nice, eventually. I discovered that the big old apple tree has a grape vine growing into it. Also, the Asian Pears in the side yard are starting to produce. There will be jelly this fall.

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