May 1st, 2005


DRM Rights: Reading aloud allowed

I have found an intelligent journal, goclenius, Dennis Des Chene, with the Washington University Department of Philosophy.

Here is an excerpt on the trademarking on individual colors:

”Most interesting in our view is that shades of color, even the very specific Pantone shades often used in “branding” (see, for example, the Brand Standards Manual for the University of Memphis and the Color Guide for the University of Cincinnati) are usually regarded as abstracta, at least by those who acknowledge the existence of such entitities at all (but if not, just what are the Color Guides talking about?). “Color depletion” would be the exhaustion of an eminently nonrenewable resource.”

Did the International Association of Fire Chiefs approve your fire-engine-red convertible?*

*NOTE: to the best of my knowledge, the IAFC has not actually trademarked fire-engine-red.

Chimera is fun to say!

Found via Slashdot:

Rollie Hawk writes “While many limits on stem cell research exist in the United States, scientist are finding wants to straddle or at least blur the line between man and animal.... The latest case involves around 50 sheep said to possess at least partially human organs.... If that doesn’t shock you, consider one other human organ that is being grown in some of these sheep: human brains. While it is doubtful that anyone would want a brain transplant from a human-sheep chimera, it does hold the possibility for doing brain research that would never be allowed on human beings.... Just the possibility of a human mind bouncing around inside a sheep’s head is a scary proposition.