April 27th, 2005


questions from atonal

1. would you punch someone if they called you irish?
Nope, I’ve got a bit of that too...

2. if you could wake up in any city in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Paris, in the apartment containing my girlfriend...

3. what is your favorite writing instrument?

I remember a medium point black brush pen from Japan, I think it was a Niji...

4. in the waiting room to hell, what will be playing on the speakers?

The German version of Paradise by the Dashboardlights special extended remix by Bjork.

5. what are 5 words that describe your bedroom?

borrowed, piled, cold, gritty, with robots in...

the point of this is for you to comment to this post and i will ask you five burning questions. you then post the questions and answers in your journal so everyone can learn a bit more about you too.