April 25th, 2005


(no subject)

1. On re-reading my notes from the Blotter benefit last week, I realized that they aren’t very interesting. So, while I may use them elsewhere, I will not be posting them here.

2. I received my copy of The Misfit Library and promptly logged it on Bookcrossing. Thanks robcallahan!

3. I have added a brief begging note above my Paypal button on Sinister Bedfellows and received my first donation!
Thanks! There is an email with a special link on its way.

5. I am currently reading: The first 150 pages have been very entertaining, reminding me slightly of Paula Volsky or Julie E. Czerneda. Not sure why I'm getting more into Scifi by women. I never liked Sherri Tepper as much as I thought I should. I've also always thought my literary tastes were gender-neutral.
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