April 10th, 2005


Context is everything. Context is nothing.

My day so far:
  • My Sunday school teacher from 20 years ago testified at church this morning about how his faith helped him through divorce, unemployment and a heart attack.

  • I ate half a giant Supreme pizza by myself for lunch.

  • I listened to WNCU, Cultural Race Reggae all day. For some reason, sunny Sunday afternoons in NC call for NPR followed by reggae.

  • Does Hindi Dancehouse exist? The rhythms seem like they would fit.

  • I went to the Apple store and got a new R for my iBook. While there, I also filled out an application. They are 33.4 miles from my house, so my commute would be cut in half. They are next to a Barnes & Noble, so my money won’t travel far.

  • I also saw an Oscar-Meyer Weinermobile!

  • weinermobile

  • I have a new icon