March 19th, 2005


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My father wakes up around 5 am most days, I believe.

So, when he woke me at 8, I knew he had simply waited as long as he could. There was bacon and biscuits with gravy and hot coffee and almost frozen grapefruit juice. He went from door to door (all the family was visiting this weekend) Aren’t you going to get up? The food is getting cold!

Mom was sick last night, my sisters went to bed around 1, I was up until almost 3. But still...

The house smelled like biscuits and gravy. The sun was streaming through the blinds. There was hot coffee.

I got up. By the time I had my plate fixed, Dad and Karen had already left. He has a weekend full of plans to complete and can’t wait for us. He provided food, he can’t wait to watch us eat it.

But... he hooked up a wireless router last night, I can talk to you from almost anywhere in the house now. We all sat in the family room last night, Karen intent on basketball, Mom with a book, Dad, Renee and I all online at once, and talking. This would drive la_sherazade mad.

I’m done eating, I’ve read my email, I’m going to see how long I can sleep before Dad gets back...
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50 people see the Eiffel Tower

Found via Metafilter: Combined view of 50 photos on Flickr tagged with "Eiffel". Each photo is from a different user.

"(Brevity) wrote a program to blend Flickr images which share the same tags. No human is involved in choosing, positioning, or blending the images.

Suggestions are welcome for new tags to try. The best tags imply a certain composition, like "sunset", although (he's) gotten some interesting results with abstract words too.

This is partially inspired by the work of Jason Salavon.

50 people see the Eiffel Tower
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