March 10th, 2005


Prompt me

Now that I’m one-handed and drugged, I’ve decided it is time to go back and finish C∂úlhúvi∂a and submit it somewhere...

Please nag me until I finish.
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Look at me, I'm using both hands... OUCH!!!

I spoke to a nurse today and she said that I should start using both hands a little, to regain mobility, but no lifting.

We also had a discussion about the inanity of a disability statement that said I could return to light duties at work, but that I shouldn’t drive while in a sling and taking narcotics. How exactly am I supposed to get to work?

She agreed with my logic and excused me for an additional week. This means I can start collecting Workman’s Comp and not risk a DUI arrest or overexerting myself.

That’s it, back to typing one-handed, there was a twinge in my elbow. I was told to do mobility exercises, without being told what those may be. I choose to interpret it as ‘live as normal, until there is the slightest pain, then put the sling back on’.