March 9th, 2005


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Got my first Cease & Desist letter today, details once the matter is resolved. I think I’ll make a new friend out of it.

I’m threading my way through the Workman’s Comp minefield...

I can’t use my left arm, Temporary Partial Disability for at least another week. Work wants me to come back tomorrow, but they can’t tell me what I’ll be doing one-handed. Also, the Vicodin still knocks me out, mild nausea and drowsiness, so I really can’t see commuting an hour on the interstate to sit in the office all day.

I have calls in to the WC Insurance office and the Orthopedist to see about changing medication or changing my status.

I’m not in a hurry to return anyway, as the promised raise was significantly less than I was led to believe and I have not been transferred to networking, as promised.

more to come, arguing with my parents’ home owners insurance at the moment :)
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hints and suggestions...

As mentioned here, spasmsproject and I swapped images to write about. I was hoping for a poem, but the muse is spurning me, so here’s a simple family history instead.

Any typos are due to the drugs and my one-handed typing; forgive me. This is at least 90% fiction, I swear.