February 17th, 2005


Sure, feel free to ask. It's not my usual post.

I'm tired.

I worked a full shift (actually an hour overtime) repairing coaxial cable. This involved running a cable across a busy four lane highway, crawling around under a crack house and... actually I can't even remember the other three houses.

Then I went to Domino's to install a new splashguard around the mop sink. Visited the hardware store, trimmed the plastic panels, cut off all the water and disassembled the sink. Then the assistant manager panicked because corporate was coming by to visit and there was no water. So I'll be going back tomorrow to glue up the last panel and caulk the whole thing.

I also need to change the oil in my van, rig up the lighting for the trailer and head back to Florida to pick up la_sherazade and a load of her furniture. I need to dig up some gas money first... I get paid Tuesday and I have $14 in the bank at the moment.

I also need a haircut.

Good night, sweet dreams.