January 16th, 2005


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Update, for the interested:

I am staying in NC for the time being. la_sherazade is staying in FL for another month.

She returns to Paris in February and I will probably return sometime in March. We will both be back in the States mid-summer.

This is indefinite.

I am attending MoMoCon in Atlanta March 26-27 as a webcartoonist. I am looking at several jobs. I am looking at old farmhouses that need restoration. I am working 50-60 hours a week at manual labor, which means I can actually feel my muscles again. I have been driving way too much.

These things are definite.

I should be taking more photos and writing a lot more. Hopefully the fates will allow this to happen. Fortunately, I uploaded a couple of months worth of Sinister Bedfellows, so I will not fall behind. Sinister Bedfellows #22 is up, just in time for the Inauguration.

I still miss you.



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This is sheer genius.

It is called Comic Remix #17 - Avengers: Disassembled Crossover and it features The Peanuts Gang!

Be sure to read all 7 strips before the cease-and-desist is served!
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That song meme thing...

Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band

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Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:They Might Be Giants
Are you male or female:Mr. Me
Describe yourself:I Am A Grocery Bag
How do some people feel about you:Counterfeit Fake
How do you feel about yourself:I Can't Hide From My Mind
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:She's Actual Size
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:I Found A New Friend
Describe where you want to be:Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Describe what you want to be:John Lee Supertaster
Describe how you live:No One Knows My Plan
Describe how you love:Kiss Me, Son of God
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