December 13th, 2004


In which I ramble on and on...

Tomorrow morning we leave for the airport. la_sherazade is flying to Florida and I am off to NC. We have return tickets for mid-January, but I have to find work here or there before I know if I can come back.

Today, she is doing last minute research at the library while I pack and clean the apartment. We have some friends staying here over the holidays to take care of Sasha and Spooky.

She will be taking the digital camera, so I’ll have to use the old analog or borrow one over the holidays. I still have plenty of Paris shots to post, but I want to share North Carolina with you too. I’ll be getting the digital back over New Years, when I go get her from Florida and bring her back to NC.

Today it is 28° here and it looks like we may get some snow flurries.

stained glass
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tying up loose ends...

I wrote this long ago, then left it lying. It was for this.

thenowhere: Write something for me. Just for me. Post it in your journal so everyone else can see it, too. A sentence, a paragraph. Nanofiction. Short story. A scene, dialogue, a picture described, a moment, anything. Long or short. But it's got to be just for me. Tell the world you wrote it for me, even. Mine.

Two months later, I’ve decided I want reciprocation.
Hey, thenowhere, make something for me.
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