December 9th, 2004


But... how did the peanut butter get into my ear?

A. is for ahem, life is settling back to normal. la_sherazade’s dad left a few hours ago to fly home, we are broke and the cats smell funny.

B. I’m going back to the States in a week. It is still unsettled as to whether I will be staying or returning. Financially, I need to be there, working. Emotionally, I need to be here, living. My return ticket is in mid-January, so I’ll have a month to resolve this.

C. If you want an atypical holiday movie, I highly recommend Metropolitan. It is about a lower middle class nice guy in a rented tux falling in with an upper class crowd as they participate in, analyze, and mourn the passing of the Manhattan debutante season. Lovely costumes, swirling New York snow and intelligent dialog. I like it.