December 8th, 2004


More Wacky Chinese Spam...

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The respect your firm person in charge hello!

I am golden peaceful group’s financial manager. My group in Shanxi, Nanjing and so on each big city has the subsidiary company, the profession is widespread, the our company most enters business is at the peak stage, has the massive incomes receipt to be allowed to arrive at the buckle, surplus has the part of outlay receipt to be possible to transfer gives other companies. If your firm has the need to use the receipt to make the account to arrive buckles please felt relieved opens to the our company according to, the our company can provide needs the material, guarantees the security. May receive the ticket after to confirm pays money gives the our company. The our company is willing to be safest Most low price, with your firm long-term happy cooperation. Below has unclearly place please dials the telephone to relate with me. Thanks!

Contact person: Li Xiangyun
telephone: 0755-81222572

So the information has sends to your firm please to forgive many times.

Sends this salute!