November 29th, 2004


Quick updates...

1. I’m not getting comments mailed to me. Some show up 24 hours late, some haven’t arrived yet after 3 days. If it’s important, email mckenzee at livejournal dot com.

2. sin_bed_comix, the journal where I try out new Sinister Bedfellows, will go friends-only once it reaches 50 subscribers. It is at 35 right now. Friend it if you would like to preview and comment on my comics before they become public.

3. I’m not wearing any pants.


Thanks drsmax!


This has to be the coolest song ever!

That’s right, Elvis Costello and T-bone Burnett doing a Johnny Cash cover!
I wish I could remember where I got it.

Also, Zmrzlina is Czech for ice cream, one of my favorite words, and a band from San Francisco. Has anyone heard their music? Think I'd like it
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