November 25th, 2004


But I like jumping in over my head...

Is anyone here familiar with Vilèm Flusser? I’ve tried to do a little deeper reading about webcomics and his name keeps coming up.

This quote from Reconstruction: An Interdisciplinary Culture Studies Community has peaked my interest.

In the essay “The Codified World,” Flusser describes the relationship between premodern and postmodern images:

It would be unfortunate if we wanted to think of our situation as a return to illiteracy. The images that program us are not really the kind that dominated before the invention of printing. Television programs are different from Gothic church windows, and the surfaces of soup cans are different from surfaces of Renaissance paintings. In short, the difference is this: premodern images are the products of skilled handworkers (”works of art”), and postmodern images are the products of technology. One can recognize a scientific theory at work behind the programmed images, but the same is not necessarily true for the premodern images. Premodern man lived in a world of images which meant the “world.” We live in a world of images, which theories regarding the “world” hope to symbolize. This is a revolutionary new situation. (36)

Any comments will be appreciated.
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