November 24th, 2004


Originally posted in sin_bed_comix, but I wanted to share the story with you, too.


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Born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Johnny Weissmuller moved to the USA at the age of 3 and learned to swim. In the 1924 Olympics, he became the first man to swim the 100 meter freestyle in under a minute. He became a swimsuit model for BVD whose catch phrase was “I swim faster because my stripes go up and down.” In 1932 he was spotted in a pool in Hollywood and cast as the first big-screen Tarzan. He invented the Tarzan yodel. He made 7 Tarzan and 16 Jungle Jim films in his career.

When he first met Cheetah, the chimp growled, bared its teeth and lunged for his throat. Johnny pulled the knife from his loincloth, waved it in the chimp’s face, then knocked it on the side of the head with the handle. Dominance established, the chimp followed him around like a puppy, while continuing to terrorize the rest of the cast and crew.