November 23rd, 2004


My friends are, well, different.

A recent Dutch survey (find it on Slashdot) shows that IE’s browser share has dropped below 90%.

A quick check of my stats for this journal shows the following:
IE: 58%
Firefox: 28%
Opera: 5%
Netscape: 3%
Safari: 3%

This may have something to do with the fact that 10% of my audience is on Macs and 1% is on *nix.

You guys are so darned alternative and cool.


My journal is called: “...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky”, which is a line from Musée des Beaux Arts, by W. H. Auden, about Icarus.
My subtitle is: “occasionally witty things will show up here...” because I felt I could live up to occasionally...
My friends page is called: “look, my friends are smart...” because, well, you are.
My username is: mckenzee, which is a misspelling of my nephew’s (and exwife’s) middle name.
My default userpic is: currently a skeleton fishing for love, but it changes frequently.

Look, a pony!