November 20th, 2004


Book memeage


1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth (complete) sentence.
4. Add it to the previous sentences and post in your journal...along with these instructions.

* In a short time sacrifices shall return again, Opposers shall be put to martyrdom, There shall be no more monks, abbots, nor novices, Honey shall be dearer than wax.

* These complex causes will naturally have produced in Hamlet the disposition to escape from his own feelings of the overwhelming and supernatural by a wild transition to the ludicrous, - a sort of cunning bravado, bordering on the flights of delirium.

* If she did not know him now, then no one he would become in truth, and swiftly.

* The Fox was so trusted by now that when my father did not need him he was allowed to take us anywhere, even miles from the palace.

* Botulism, on the other hand, kills 50 percent of its victims.

* Fraget den Ohormizd um Befehl und den Tron der Welt, damit ich dir die Antwort auflöse (Parsi «das Ende der Antwort»).

* Where he should be, I stare straight through.

* The encampment of women prostesters positioned on common land outside the entrance to the Cruise Missile Base near Newbury focuses many of these issues, and so powerfully, that it provides an exemplary instance.

* As chief who hears his warder call, “To arms! the foemen storm the wall,” The antlered monarch of the waste Sprung from his heathered couch in haste.

Books and their readers~
The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus -- plasticchimera
Henry V, War Criminal? & Other Shakespeare Puzzles by John Sutherland & Cedric Watts -- telophase
The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold -- farli
Till We Have Faces, A Myth Retold by C.S. Lewis -- daysgoby
Deadly Doses: A Writer’s Guide to Poisons by Serita Deborah Stevens -- fallofrain
Libro Apocalittico Persiano: Ayatkar i Žamaspik by Giuseppe Messina -- ladybirdsleeps
Lament for a Son by Nicholas Wolterstorff -- a_hollow_year
The Politics and Poetics of Transgression, by Peter Stallybrass & Allon White -- laughingrat
The Lady of the Lake, by Sir Walker Scott -- mckenzee