November 18th, 2004


I grind my teeth in my sleep to keep the fairies away.

Once upon a time, 18th century Paris to be exact, there was a Queen who was being tormented by an evil King. Her fairy godmother disguised herself as a mouse and hid under his pillow to whisper taunts in the royal ear and disturb royal slumber. When this failed to alter the King’s behavior, the fairy mouseling knocked out all his teeth as punishment.

Seeing this, the other mice in the castle approached the fairy and asked if they could have the teeth, to replace the ones they were constantly wearing down. They quickly worked out an arrangement whereby the mice could collect the discarded teeth of children, as long as they left proper payment. The fairy supplies them with sleeping powder and protection from cats, as well as tracking quotas, overtime and medical insurance.

In English speaking nations we were unaware of the details and assume the Tooth Fairy does all the work herself, but in France, Spain and Latin America, the children know to leave their teeth for La Bonne Petite Souris and El Ratoncito. In India they toss the teeth onto the roof for the mice to collect, due to the mistaken belief that Ganesh is the Tooth Fairy. No one wants a divine elephant man rummaging under their pillow.

And we’ll all live happily ever after, except for the King, who was toothless and terrified of falling asleep, which caused him to slowly go insane. Oh, and Ganesh, who keeps slipping off the roof.

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Scattered around this lovely city I currently call home,
there are several small white graffiti saying amour.

I now know who does them.

Jean-Luc Duez

Scroll right, the next to the last image catches him in the act.