November 16th, 2004


Getting my space geekdom on...

I attended elementary school on Merritt Island and in Melbourne Florida. The rockets from Cape Canaveral used to rattle our windows. In the third grade, I was friends with Neil Armstrong’s nephew. So, this excites me.

The European Space Agency put an ion-propelled rocket into lunar orbit today.

Mr. Picassohead also makes me smile.
EDIT: sorry, fixed that link.


Etymology for Internauts...

la_sherazade and I were discussing the act of Trolling/Trawling.

Thinking that this might be one of those spelling/pronounciation disconnects so common to our lovely schizophrenic language i.e. they are spelled Teats but pronounced Tits, I did a little digging and found a wonderful case of convergence. They have different pasts but have come together in common meaning.

troll verb
1. To fish for by trailing a baited line from behind a slowly moving boat.
2. Slang: To patrol (an area) in search for someone or something: “ [Criminals] troll bus stations for young runaways” (Pete Axthelm).
3. Music: To sing in succession the parts of (a round, for example)
4. To roll or revolve.
5. Internet: To utter a posting on Usenet (or other forum) designed to attract predictable responses or flames.

[Middle English trollen, to wander about, from Old French troller, of Germanic origin.]

trawl verb
1. To catch (fish) with a net or set-line.
2. To troll
3. Internet: To sift through large volumes of data looking for something of interest.

[Possibly Middle English trawelle, perhaps from Middle Dutch tragel, dragnet, possibly from Latin trgula, from trahere, to drag.]

I suspect that with the false link to the noun Troll, (Scand. Myth.) A supernatural being, Trawl will eventually bow out, leaving Troll to carry all.
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