November 1st, 2004



It’s after midnight, I have started. But now I can’t find some of my notes.

My name is Hugh de Morville and I died eight hundred years ago.

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My earliest memories are of saints and kings. I was six years old when Henry fitzEmpress met with his uncle, King David of Scotland at my father’s castle. Henry had come to Carlisle to raise an army against his cousin, King Stephan the usurper.

“Mama, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be foolish Hugo, your brother will be with you at the Knighting. This is a very important event for Cumbria and you are honored to be a part of it. Not every young Page gets to present spurs to the future king of England."

NANOWRIMO: bits and pieces fall together...

From here on, I will post NaNo chapters at the end of the day, behind a cut, so that you can skip them if you so desire. I will put my goal and actual word count in the subject line. I’ll try to post some photos and non-NaNo stuff too.

DISCLAIMER: This story is true. Hugo de Morville did exist.

In fact, at least six men by that name existed during this time period. Historians (and genealogists) disagree greatly about which Hugh did what. Therefore, I have felt free to pick and chose events for my Hugo’s life.

If you would like to learn more yourself, search for Hugh (Hugo/Hugue) de Morville (Morevill/Morevile), also known as Huc Von Morville.
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I went to grocery store this afternoon. They were out of eggs.

Well, not just out of eggs. They had removed the entire egg section.

There was a display of gigantic Spider-Man chocolate things there instead.
I’m serious. No eggs, huge flat chocolate coloring-book-looking foil-wrapped Spider-Man things on display.

I wandered the entire store, checking every aisle, twice.

By now you should all know, my French is very very bad. Well, my accent is worse. I tried to talk to the guy sweeping the floor. I pointed, I babbled. The signs for the eggs were still hanging from the ceiling above Spider-Man.

The answer? No eggs today, sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

No eggs today. Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe not, we don’t know.
Who can understand the ways of the egg?

Would you like a nice sheet of Spider-Chocolate instead?
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I just got a rejection email from something called Cthulhu Sex Tentacles.
I don’t remember sending them anything.

That has to be a good omen, right?