October 27th, 2004


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Today I booked my flight back to NC for the holidays. Lots of fun.

Since we had a voucher to cash in, we had to actually go to the Delta office and book it in person. We then had to help the agent convert the voucher to Euros, count the cash we were giving her (2 20€ bills do not equal 50€), and convince her to check several date combinations to find the cheapest ticket (I have to leave before Dec. 15 and return after Jan. 12). She was running late for her train and wanted to leave, so of course the network wouldn’t coöperate. But we succeeded.

I will be flying into RDU on December 14, with a 2 hour layover at JFK. Hopefully Delta won’t go bankrupt before then.

I also sent off a CV to a company here in Paris that had a job that sounds perfect for me. If that goes well, I’ll be back in Paris on Jan. 13.

If not, I’ll be looking for work in NC, and trying to save some money, build a nest egg and find a fixer-upper for when la_sherazade returns to the States.

When we got home, I made red pepper & honey glazed chicken and red beans and rice for dinner.

I have also formatted C∂úlhúvi∂a as a 5x8 paperback, so that I can selfpublish it on Cafepress.com. I’ll let you know when it is available. I still have to write the final 3 chapters and edit the entire thing, but I hope to have it available by Christmas. Should hit a price point of $6.99.

I do have Christmas ornaments available, if anyone is interested, here.

Penultimately: for the first time in 80 years, The New Yorker makes a political endorsement.

And finally, this:

EDIT: well, several edits, several typos, I'm calling it quits on this one.
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wigu, I stole your monkey for my icons. Please think of it as free advertising and not a copyright violation. Also, I stole your bike in the third grade, but only in the interests of national security, sucker.

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Help define my political leanings:
1. I believe Social Security should be tied to life expectancy. If you beat the odds, then the rest of your life is subsidized.
2. I believe gun control should mirror automobile control; mandatory testing, licensing and insurance.
3. I believe “soft” drugs, cigarettes and alcohol should all be under the same limitations.
4. I believe that your religion is none of my business and vice versa.
5. I believe copyright should be limited to the life of the creator (and should NEVER lie with a corporate entity, only with an individual.)