October 20th, 2004


Tentacles limbering...

Thanks to my cousin, mishey, Sinister Bedfellows hit 91 88 in the Top Web Comics yesterday today. Thanks to everyone that clicked.

As I promised, since I broke the Top 100, I will stop mentioning it here. I’ll limit my advertising to sin_bed_comix. Feel free to join me there. Between this and the mention on Websnark, my average daily page views have gone from 12 to 200 this week.

As I mentioned yesterday, I did go to the library and I did write another chapter of C∂úlhúvi∂a. It needs a little polishing and about 100 more words. I’ll post it later today. This will be the ninth chapter, the end of the third quarter of the story. I’ll be publishing this in next month’s WiredFiction.

Now I need to finish the final quarter (to be published in December) within the next two weeks, so that I can start NaNoWriMo with a clean plate... other than the bits of this that keep turning up. My plan with C∂úlhúvi∂a is to edit and expand the whole thing after Christmas and start shopping it around to actual paper-based markets. Is there still a market for derivative 6000 word Pulp?

Or do I need to add a hentai tentacle love scene between Thor and Cthulhu to get any interest?

And speaking of Christmas, my ornament is available now for $9.99.

I haven’t tested these links, let me know it any are broken.
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Common Cultural Baggage...

Has everyone from Barney Miller appeared on Law & Order now?

I just watched Detective Wojciehowicz on screen with Murphy Brown and Hoss Cartwright Lt. Mike Torello of Crime Story. They are strip-mining my childhood.

EDIT:Sorry, my brain exploded. I keep confusing Senator Thompson with Dan Blocker, who did indeed die in the early 70's, though he appeared in Back to the Bonanza in 1996.

Anyone know where I can find a Barney Miller torrent?