October 15th, 2004


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”The ancient church was at the present town of Kirkcudbright. The following is an extract translation relating to the church : - “ In the year 1164, Ailred of Rievaux went on a visit into Galloway, and was present at Kirkcudbright on the festival of its patron, St Cuthbert. A bull was brought to the church as an oblation, which the clerics of the place baited in the churchyard. The more aged remonstrated against such a profanation, but one of the clerics mocked and said, Nec Cuthberti hujus adesse presentia, nec huic loco talis ei probatur inesse potentia, licet hujus ipsuus sit patrosa et de lapidibus compacta ecclesiola.” [Regm: Dunelm: lib. de Admir: B. Cuthbati virtutibus, p. 179. Surties Soc]. The bull, however, broke loose from those tormenting it, and gored the young priest who had so spoken. The church of Kirkcudbright, and all its rights, were granted by Uchtred, Lord of Galloway, to the Monastery of Holyrood, between 1161 and 1174.”

Also, I've been watching my friends list fill up with strange machines all day, but I have to personally recommend this one. Thank you, slinka.