October 9th, 2004


I've been saying "odd" a lot lately...

A recent friends-only meme shows up on livejournal/users/mckenzee and livejournal/~mckenzee, but not on mckenzee.livejournal. Redirect failure I guess.

I’m off to walk in the rain, because today is the last day of Le Surrréalisme in the IXe of Paris. If you’re very good, I might share photos.
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Le Surréalisme, c'est moi.

So, the surrealism festival kinda thing turned out just to be a series of art galleries. But, while wandering around, I did find lots of surreal things. You can check some of them out here.

There were drunken Irishmen roaming the streets painted green and orange. There were some really strange things in the shopping arcades. And when I went by Girbaud Jeans, they were staging a show on the sidewalk with costumed breakdancers and DJs.

Now, I watch TV.