October 3rd, 2004


Chasing fragments of the strangest dream...

I was meeting with Andrew the Eightysixth, King of Scotland. He was guarded by seven clones, known as The Williams (yes, sometimes I dream in capital letters).

August was known as The Month We Dare Not Name, and so people called it Late July (the 32 through 62).

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I have got to flesh this out into a story someday...

Help, please...

We are suffering a severe cash flow problem. I am not legally eligible to work in Paris and my telecommuting gig has been dead for months.

No, I’m not going to post a Paypal button here.

Instead, I make the following requests.

Like my photos?
Buy something here. I take requests if there is a recent photo you would like on a T-shirt. Unfortunately, most of them are low-rez, so they wouldn’t look that good.

Like my comic?
Buy something from Sinister Merchandise. Personally, I like the coffee cup. I get a dollar or two for each thing bought. Send Sinister Christmas presents!

Like my writing?
Check this out and join Wired Fiction . I’ll get a cut once the site starts showing a profit.

I take requests.
Want an icon, short story, Sinister Comic created from your photo? Any other suggestions?

This is to allow me to stay in Paris with la_sherazade for a few more months. I plan to return to the States in 2005 and work fulltime. We will actually be repaying parental loans with any money I get.

My friends' list is a wonderful, frightening place...

I see the usual LJ posts; I’m alone, I’m hungry, my medication isn’t working, I can’t decide which icon to use for NaNoWriMo.

All normal journal entries. I see several of these every day.

But then I have Mohammed returned tonight, about 5 hours after we first got word of his capture."

And I have people talking about not understanding how their loved ones could ever trust them, about how they miss intoxication, how their doctors don’t understand the pain.

And why Hello Kitty merchandise is so expensive.

I revel in the contrast. Highs, lows, I love it all.

The Millenium Bridge, London