September 28th, 2004


Random notes on the trip, part 1

1. The Eurostar arrives in London at Waterloo station. Because if they have to let those Frenchies in, they’re going to make them remember Waterloo.

2. The cars on the left side of the street caused the worst cognitive dissonance of my life. I felt like the negative had been reversed.

3. The graffiti along the tracks improves as you approach London.

4. Being off the net for several days caused me to realize how much I have internalized Google. I now expect to be able to look up anything at anytime and am extremely frustrated when I can’t. I wish I could remember why I wrote “Jungian Tarot” in my notebook.

5. The Wilcox-Jewett Obtunder desensitizes teeth by “Pressure Anastesia” for the painless extraction of cavities, grinding teeth for crowning or the immediate extirpation of the pulp. - 1940’s Dental ad

6. We stayed in Bristol the first two nights, in a former convalescent home called “Toad Lodge”. I was hoping for Wind in the Willows but got Fawlty Towers.

Edinburgh notes later...

The strength is abundant, relates.

I just got my first Chinese Spam! Normally I just get Italian. When Babelfished, it reads (bolds mine):

Hello! I am innovate group’s financial minister.

My group in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong □□and so on has the company, the factory.
The strength is abundant, relates.

I take charge of remain have the increment duty receipt, the ordinary receipt, like (commodity sale, advertisement, transportation, construction, service, and so on) may (ultra low price) open to the outside generation. For for you to our company’s trust, the our company is willing first to write a check to you, after the confirmation pays money condition.

Welcome the presence to visit to the our company, to verify. Hoped we can mutually trust, by reciprocal benefit mutual benefit condition long-term happy cooperation.
The details please come the electricity consultation!
Telephone: (with-held)
billion contact people: Li fresh mailbox:

Along praises business to be auspicious!