September 27th, 2004


OK, quick notes...

1. The stab wound to my hand seems to be healing nicely.

2. deathboy, you'll have to come to Paris. I couldn't get up the energy to go out after trudging though culture all day.

3. The Tate Modern is the largest Modern Art Museum in the world, but only because half of it is a void (the Turbine Room is 8 stories tall and half the width of the building. It currently contains one (1) sculpture. Although it is a really nice one). Picture soon.

4. My research went well, in the sense that I collected references to several more source materials. Now to track them down. I might actually start this novel with a complete outline and character sketches. I think it will need footnotes also. I love footnotes!

5. We ride the EuroStar tonight, will be back in our little atelier around midnight. I still need to transfer pics from J's laptop to mine and do some editing, but will start posting them tomorrow.