September 10th, 2004


A Report on the Migrations of Educational Materials by John Sladek, 1968

1. I want a DVD rewinder T-shirt... and a DVD rewinder, of course.
2. C∂úlhúvi∂a finally showed up on WiredFiction: NEW UPDATE POSTED: September 9th 2004 at 2:52 A.M. --The Fantasy section has just been updated with Larry Holderfield’s new Saga Cthulhuvida. Read this new publication and check out the illustration also.
3. I’m going to ShoboShobo tomorrow. Will get pics.

And there’s also this:
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The Singular Visitor from Not-Yet by John Sladek, 1968

UPDATE: Could one of my audiosavant friends make me a mix of Marilyn Manson and Johnny Cash's Personal Jesus covers? Mash it up, kiddies!


ShoboShobo starts in 5 minutes, it’s at least 15 minutes away, and I’m waiting for a delivery.

They couldn’t find our apartment yesterday. How hard is down the alley, through the courtyard, enter the secret code, up a flight of stairs, cross the hidden terrace, up another flight of stairs and knock on the unmarked door at the top? I even have a hand-written sign above the doorbell.

Oh well, they should show up soon, and if not, la_sherazade will be back by 2:30 or 3 and I can catch the end of the show, hopefully. There will be another at some poorly defined interval of future-time.

For those wondering (Yes, both of you {jason0x21, pay attention!}), ShoboShobo is a Japanese/French experimental art and music happening that takes place fairly randomly around Paris. This will be my first.
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with an Account of the Subsequent Lamentable Decline of Dr. Lemuel Jones, 10 Aug. 1772

I was late for the show, since I had to wait for the delivery guy.

I copied the directions from the ShoboShobo newsletter and headed to the Metro. As I’m standing on the platform, a guy starts playing Beethoven’s Ninth on an accordion. He was actually really good, so I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying it or suffering. It felt like both.

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It was in the sweltering bowels of the basement, and filled with (please, let your olfactory imagination run free here) sweaty teenaged French art students.

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