September 1st, 2004


If I should disappear...

I’m backing up my iBook onto la_sherazade’s powerbook so that I can do a clean install of the operating system.

I duel-boot between Mac 9 and X, and it has been getting funky. Sometimes when rebooting it doesn’t recognize either system and I have to boot from her install disk (mine is packed up in the states).

Best case, I’ll be back tomorrow and no one will have noticed. Worst case, I somehow screw up both machines and she kills me.

I’m afraid the most likely bad result will be that OS X will load fine, but I’ll lose OS 9, which means no more uploading of digital photos. There are no drivers for my camera for OS X.

Fortunately the Powerbook has 25 GB free, so everything on my iBook is going into a folder on it. 2 more hours of copying via firewire tonight and I’ll start the clean install.

Cross fingers for me.

Update update

OS X seems fine, I only broke a couple of programs and I can copy them from the back-up on la_sherazade’s laptop.
I’ll test OS 9 tomorrow, but at least it shows up as a start-up disk again. Got to rebuild my bookmarks and such, but it’s all on the back-up. Yah!

I need to sleep.

Now, that's gourmet bachelor chow!

Sorry to those vegetarians in the audience. What you see before you is the contents of a can of Choucroute Royale.

That’s sauerkraut, three types of pork, two very small potatoes and some peppercorns, all packed in Riesling wine.

Not bad for $2. la_sherazade has forbidden me to cook it when she is at home :)



1. I got a SD card for my camera and a USB reader for my iBook, so no more booting into OS 9 and now I can take more, larger photos between uploads. So, there will be more photos!

2. Sinister Bedfellows is working on Keenspace now. I am tweaking the format, but hope to keep it very plain, similar to McSweeney’s. You can still get the fresh as I can whip them out strips at sin_bed_comix.

3. C∂úlhúvi∂a: The Saga of Cthulhu , Chapters 1-3, should be appearing in WiredFiction any day now. It is a subscription site, so I will keep posting the chapters here as I write them.

4. Here is a light fixture from the Metro.

5. Someday I’ll actually get paid for some of this, right?