August 26th, 2004


C∂úlhúvi∂a: Chapter 6

Finally getting this going again. Will be publishing it in 1500 word chunks on WiredFiction starting next month. Please, help find my errors first.

VI. The Catch
In this chapter, there is a reference to the Nor∂tljós. This is the Norse name for the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. As has been explained by Professor Alv Egeland of the University of Oslo, the first known written description of these auroral displays in Norse Literature was in the handwritten Konungs Skuggsjá (Speculum Regalae or King’s Mirror) in 1200 AD, which described the dancing lights in great detail. In Norse legend, the lights have been associated with the heavenly bridge, Bifrost, which links the earth and Asgard. It was believed that this bridge would collapse into the sea when the Midgard Serpent was loosed at Ragnarok. The C∂úlhúvi∂a again presents a slightly different version as well as pre-dating the King’s Mirror by two centuries.

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Coming soon to Law & Order: Domestic Disturbance

In 1996, the Iowa Supreme Court turned down Kirk Livingood’s attempt to sue his prison cellmate under the state’s domestic abuse law. Philip Negrete was Livingood’s cellmate, and, according to Livingood, beat and tormented him throughout their cohabitation.

[Des Moines Register, 4-18-96]

How would the legalization of same-sex marriages affect “common-law” marriages?
Should long term roommates be entitled to alimony?