August 25th, 2004


Still working on next chapter of C∂úlhúvi∂a...

I felt it was a little short,
decided to describe the sky
(you can always fluff the scenery to grow word count),
which led to researching the Aurora Borealis
and the Norse view of them,
which led into many academic websites
disagreeing on major points,
which lead to a new narrator’s piece
inserted into the beginning of the chapter
which led to it being too long
which led to here.

I’ll be dissecting it tonight, will marinate lightly and post tomorrow, I think.

Oh, and this:

I amHastur!

The Unspeakable One is the master of those who seek to unveil the mysteries of death. It is through meditation upon the Yellow Sign that the devotee of Hastur seeks transcendence to the city-realm of dim Carcosa. Through a complex series of visualizations that expand the aspirants void-consciousness, the final age will arise. Ruled by the ominous King in Yellow, a new stage of reality will come to fruition. Of the Olde Ones, Hastur is considered to be one of the most difficult to work with, his teachings being reserved exclusively for the Cthonian Adepts and Lords.

Which Great Old One are you?
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