August 24th, 2004


When I imagine the 'popular' Heaven, angels seem like pigeons, fluttering around everywhere cooing...

1. Didn’t make it to the cemetery yesterday, will try again soon.

2. I cleaned and disinfected the bathroom yesterday. So the larger cat has decided to start “thinking outside the box”. We will be getting the world’s-largest-covered litterbox soon.

3. People are stumbling across my cartoons that don’t read my journal. I think I know where most of then came from, but still, it’s nice.

4. The new spider that has moved into my desklamp doesn’t move as much as the previous one and his web is much sloppier, but he seems to be catching more gnats.

5. I’d love to use this photo for sin_bed_comix, but I haven’t been struck by a theme yet. Suggestions?
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