August 19th, 2004


Sinister Bedfellows

I’m having a strange problem with the comic strip thingie I’ve been doing. I don’t feel that I can commit to a regular schedule, like once or twice a week, because I’m afraid the well may run dry. But then I find myself posting 2 or 3 strips in the same day. For some reason, I can’t space them out. I make a couple at once and immediately I have to throw them up onto the web and see if anybody chuckles.

Another odd thing is that sin_bed_comix only has a dozen LJ friends, so you would think a dozen readers, right? Wrong. I found this today. linked to sin_bed_comix as an example of alternate uses for a blog. And on TWC I’m currently the 285th most popular out of 1275 web comics. How are people finding this? It’s been up for a week and only has 17 strips.

Anyway, some of them are funny and some of them are weird and yes, I know they remind you of A Softer World (does every 3-panel hand-drawn cartoon remind you of Peanuts?) but if you are interested, there are a few new ones here.

Maybe I should have called it A Harsher World...

Weird day...

Checked the mail on the way out to walk la_sherazade to the bus stop.

I got my autographed copy of Cerebus: Mothers & Daughters #17 today, along with a nice form letter from Dave Sim (thanks for the tip, Neil).

Then, on the way home, I got caught out in a HAILSTORM! I huddled under a passageway in our courtyard, eating a ham sandwich and getting soaked by the rain blown horizontally through the arch.

Finally the rain let up and my new comic and I made it home alive. Five minutes later la_sherazade knocked at the door, dripping wet. Seems her umbrella wasn’t much good when the rain was blowing sideways from two directions at once. She will be working at home today.

Making a pot of hot tea now, will try to get to the laundromat if the thunder stops.
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