August 17th, 2004


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In case some of you have missed it, I have started posting my comics here.

Not sure what’s keeping me awake tonight, but there are two new ones.
Warning: they are wimpy. Sarcasm should resume soon.

Thor vs. Cthulhu: The Showdown should appear tomorrow soon also.

Thanks robbytherobot, I think...

According to The Death Clock, I will expire 10 days before my 87th birthday. This is obviously wrong.

I decided many many years ago that if I lived past 33, then I would die on my hundredth birthday, in bed, after the party. You are all invited.

I had one of these as a child.
Mine had red hair and no ribbons,
so obviously it was a boy.

I named him Levi Hippy-doo.
He was Raggedy Anne’s pot-smoking teenaged brother.