August 16th, 2004


Why do I love P. G. Wodehouse?

Just a few examples from Summer Moonshine:

“Only the author of a thesaurus could have done justice to his emotions...”
“He was in the frame of mind when a weaker man would have started writing poetry.”

Forgive the pimpage, trying out a banner.
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Storme still. Enter Lear, and Foole.

Blow windes, and crack your cheeks; Rage, blow
You Cataracts, and Hyrricano’s spout,
Till you haue drench’d our Steeples, drown the Cockes.
You Sulph’rous and Thought-executing Fires,
Vaunt-curriors of Oake-cleauing Thunder-bolts,
Sindge my white head. And thou all-shaking Thunder,
Strike flat the thicke Rotundity o’th’ world,
Cracke Natures moulds, all germaines spill at once
That makes ingratefull Man.

Rumble thy belly full: spit Fire, spowt Raine:
Nor Raine, Winde, Thunder, Fire are my Daughters;
I taxe not you, you Elements with vnkindnesse.
I neuer gaue you Kingdome, call’d you Children;
You owe me no subscription. Then let fall
Your horrible pleasure. Heere I stand your Slaue,
A poore, infirme, weake, and dispis’d old man:
But yet I call you Seruile Ministers,
That will with two pernicious Daughters ioyne
Your high-engender’d Battailes, ‘gainst a head
So old, and white as this. O, ho! ‘tis foule.
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