August 13th, 2004


Saint Eugene de Mazenod

Patron Saint of Disfunctional Families:

Eldest son of Charles-Antoine De Mazenod and Marie-Rose Joannis. His mother was of the French middle class, convent educated, and wealthy; his father was an aristocrat, classically educated, and poor. Their marriage, and Eugene's home life, were plagued by constant family in-fighting, and interference from his maternal grandmother and a neurotic maternal aunt. The women never let his father forget that they brought the money to the family.

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More Real Catholic Patron Saints, I need to find a way to use these...

St. Sebastian, Protector of the Enemies of Religion and Undertakers
St. Arnulph, Patron of the Gap
St. Germaine Cousin, Patron Saint of Rural Girls and the Ugly. (jason0x21 please tell Germain about this.)
St. Ulric, Patron of Happy Deaths, Easy Birth and he keeps away mice.
St. Dymphna, Patron Saint of Incest and Sleepwalkers (I hope those aren’t related), also Patron of Insane Asylums.
St. Gertrude of Nivelles, Patron Saint of People who are Afraid of Mice. (As late as 1822, offerings of gold and silver mice were left at her shrine in Cologne)
St. Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne, Patron Saint of the Stiff Necked
St. Severus of Avranches, Patron of Migraines and Hatmakers (Must be a link there)
St. Anne, Grandmother of Christ, Patron Saint of Thrift Stores (This speaks to me, because of my grandmothers, both of whom worked with the Salvation Army for years)
St. Vitus, Guards against oversleeping (Patron Saint of the Snooze Button?)
St. Christina Mirabilis, Patron Saint of Mental Health Professionals
St. Expeditus, Patron of Procrastinators
St. Andrew Corsini, Patron Saint of Riots
St. John Nepomucene, Patron Saint of Running Water and Silence
St. Benedict, Protector of Clumsy Servants (and busboys, I assume)
St. Nicholas of Myra, Patron Saint of Thieves. He once raised three murdered, pickled boys from the dead. Burglars may be called the Knights of St. Nicholas.
and my personal favorite, St. Veronica of the Veil, Patron Saint of Photographers