August 11th, 2004


slow news day...

Downloads are really slowing my connection today. Maybe I should help la_sherazade clean the apartment instead.
But no, she messed it up without my help.

DISCLAIMER: this is not our apartment and I do help with the cleaning.
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slow news day II

1. John Frum vs. Prophet Fred
The mysterious Cargo Cult has existed peacefully on an island in the South Pacific for decades; but a violent feud has now broken out between its followers and a new Christian movement.

2. In January, University of Utah hospital surgeons removed half the skull of Briana Lane, age 22 and unemployed, in order to save her life after an auto accident, but because putting the skull back in place was not quite an emergency, it was delayed by negotiations over cost. The skull remained in a freezer for three months, with Lane battling serious pain (and wearing a plastic helmet for protection, feeling her brain “shifting” on her) while the hospital negotiated with the state Medicaid office, which pays only for long-term “disabilities.” Her skull was finally reattached on April 30.

3. mephron has book confiscated as “dangerous” on a ferry. Because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

4. Lying in bed reading, I sneezed, causing me to hit my head against the wall, which made me bite my tongue. Want to see that again?

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