August 4th, 2004


Your 15 minutes are up...

I used to have these friends who had two remotes for their cable TV. They would sit around in the evening and play dueling channel-surfers.

One evening, as they were clicking away, someone yelled “Stop! Isn’t that Larry?”

And it was.

I was being interviewed on the news about the Gainesville serial killings. Remember them? Summer of 1990 I believe. They watched my interview where I said something stupid about not being nervous, since I was hundreds of miles away from a killer that was targeting women. I’m still not sure why I was being interviewed.

Then the clicking resumed. A few seconds later someone yelled out “Stop! Isn’t THAT Larry?”

And it was.

I was on the public access channel, sitting behind a typewriter and drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. It was a skit for a friend’s TV production class and all I remember is that I was supposed to have writer’s block and the bottle held sweet tea.

I didn’t see either of these broadcasts. I didn’t realize that they were going to be aired that night, let alone in the same half hour.

But for one house full of friends, I was briefly a star.